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What is People Haircare?

People Haircare is premium products for all hair types, made for the people, by the people. We’re here because we care—about hair and the people who have it. The coily, curly, wavy, bleached, wispy, tangled, and damaged. We know your hair is as unique as you are. So whatever you’re working with, we work for you.

What does People Haircare stand for?

We believe in a world where premium, high-performing and ethically-made haircare is accessible to all people with all hair types giving people the confidence to look and feel themselves.

What makes People Haircare different?

Our range is made up of expert formulations for everyday people—we’ve got industry experts in our labs to thank for that. Beyond that, we’re also Australian-made, vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and made with recycled packaging. Plus we’re easy on your wallet as well as your eyes. (We have really cute packaging.)

Who are People Haircare’s founders?

Our founders are Matt and Katherine, from Anatomy Studios. They’re people who know good products—and care about hair.

Where can I buy People Haircare?

You can find us on the shelves of select Coles stores. Find out if we’re in your local.


Which People Product is for me?

There’s something for everyone—and every hair type. Have thin, or fine hair? Get your hands on our Volume range. What about curly or frizzy hair? Our Smooth range is made for you. And if your hair is dry, dull, coarse, or normal? Our Hydrate range is your ticket to healthy, soft locks. If you’re still not sure, send us a DM on or reach out to us at to speak to us about your hair concerns.

Is People Haircare safe for babies & children?

Your little ones have much thinner skin than adults and a lower tolerance to products, so we suggest sticking to baby-specific products.

Can I use People Haircare if I am pregnant?

Congrats! We’re so excited for you. But back to the question, we recommend checking with your healthcare professional about any and every beauty product you’re thinking of introducing to your routine, including People. And if you do experience irritation, get in touch with your doctor.

Can I use People Haircare if I have sensitive skin?

Like hair, everyone’s skin is unique and reacts to ingredients differently, even the most natural ones. Check the ingredients list before using it and do a swatch test to see if our formulas work for you.

Can men use People Haircare?

Of course they can. It's haircare for everyone.

Will there be a Blonde People Haircare range?

We haven’t forgotten about you, blondie! Our Blonde range is coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled on our website and the shelves at Coles.


Where can I find ingredient information?

We like the way you think. Find all our ingredients here. If you’re curious about what’s in a particular product, you can find them all on our product pages.

I have a nut allergy, can I use People Haircare?

Our range is totally nut-free (our team on the other hand). But while we haven’t intentionally included nut-derived ingredients in our formulas, we do produce them in a plant with other products that do contain nuts. So like with any beauty product, please tread with caution.

Does People Haircare contain Parabens?

Nope, you won’t find any parabens here. In fact, wherever we can use safer alternatives, we do.

What makes People Haircare smell so good?

Magic. Just kidding. Our team is addicted to good smells, and often select supermarket shampoos based on smells alone—don’t be shy, we know you do it too. So we’ve made sure every single one of our products smells amazing. Because good-smelling products means good-smelling hair.


Is People Haircare Australian made?

You better bloody believe it. We’re Australian made, owned, and manufactured. That’s what we in the business call a triple threat.

Is People Haircare cruelty-free?

Yes, we’re totally cruelty-free. Because we think bunnies should do what bunnies do best (go viral on TikTok, obviously).

Is People Haircare vegan friendly?

We make haircare with all people in mind. So yes, all our products are vegan, making them suitable for vegans.

Are People Haircare bottles recyclable?

Yes! Our Shampoo & Conditioner is 100% recyclable, so you can throw them in the recycling bin when you’re done. Just make sure to finish all the product first—that shouldn’t be a problem.

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